Castle Cafe Menu


Tiki’s Castle Cafe is now open. Serving our famous homemade pizza, drinks and much more. Whether you’re looking for a small snack or a complete meal Tikis’s Castle Cafe has you and your family covered, and coming to Tiki’s is the island’s first Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard.

Pizza ala Carte

Medium Cheese Pizza$13.99
Medium Pepperoni Pizza$14.99
Large Cheese Pizza$17.99
Large Pepperoni Pizza$19.99
Add Black Olives, Sausage, Mushroom, Bell Pepper
The Works
Slice Cheese Pizza$2.25
Slice Pepperoni Pizza$2.50

Pizza Combos

Large Cheese Pizza + 2 Liter Soda$21.99
2 Large Cheese Pizzas + 2 Liter Soda$37.99
2 Large Cheese Pizzas + Two 2 Liter Sodas$40.99
5 Large Cheese Pizzas + Three 2 Liter Sodas$100.99


Bottle Water$2.00
Soda, Lemonade, Sweet Tea, Powerade$2.50
Monster Green or White$4.25
Soda (2 liter)$5.00